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We specialize in restyling OEM and aftermarket wheels for a unique and durable finish.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a cost-effective way to customize your vehicle with long-term durability. Our nearly endless color options let you have complete control to choose a look you’ll love. Just drop off your vehicle and let us do the rest!


The powder coating process chemically bonds the color using an electric charge–resulting in a super-durable finish stronger than typical paint.


Powder coating your existing wheels is an affordable alternative to purchasing a brand new set of wheels.


Your color and finish paired with the wheel’s design unlocks a truly  unique look that will make your build stand out on the road.

Powder Coated Wheel Pricing




Erase road rash or curb damage on your wheel




Powder coated in your selected color and finish

Recolor + Repair



Repaired + Powder Coated in your selected color and finish

Ceramic Coating



Give your wheels a luxury finish and make cleaning a breeze

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wheels can be repaired?

Powder coating can be applied to many wheel materials, including aluminum, steel, and alloys.


Powder coating can be applied to rims with simple or complex designs. The electrostatic application method and curing process ensure that the rim’s most challenging nooks and crannies can all be reached. This is something regular paint struggles to do.

How long will it take?

The powder coating process contains several steps. First the wheel is stripped down to its raw state. Any imperfections are fixed at this point. Then it is decontaminated to remove any foreign material and promote adhesion. After all that preparation is complete the powder is applied using an electrostatic charge. After application, the piece must be baked to fully cure the finish.


Our typical turnaround time is one business day.

Will my lug nuts be painted?

We do not powder coat lug nuts. The thickness of the coating changes the lug’s diameter just enough to prevent a socket from sliding over top of it cleanly.

We recommend purchasing new lug nuts in your preferred color.

Should I repair or replace my wheels?

A new set of rims typically will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $800-$2000.


We charge $600 to recolor a set of wheels.


We charge $700 to recolor and repair a set of wheels.


So even if all four of your wheels are damaged and need repaired, it will still be a cheaper to refinish them than to purchase a new set.

Featured Vehicles

We gave this custom Cadillac Escalade a total chrome delete plus two-tone roof wrap, painted brake calipers, and powder coated wheels.

We transformed this Silverado with a black and red off-road set up. Included a 6-inch lift and much more.

These wheels are not available in black so these are truly unique. The factory set comes with a black center cap, so we didn’t even have to touch it.

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For nearly 45 years we’ve built a reputation among dealerships in the Midwest as the St. Louis accessory experts. We’re headquartered in St. Louis, MO and our primary powder coating facility is in St. Peters, MO.

Locally Owned & Family Run

Locally Owned & Family Run

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Going the Extra Mile

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